Treat Your Pet to a Vacation in the Country!

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Comfortable Dog and Cat Kennels in Batavia, OH

When you want your cat or dog to be comfortable while you're away, bring your pet to our  kennel. At Marjon Kennels, Vickie and James Fairchild have 75 years of combined pet care and kennel management experience. We're BBB certified, and we're here to treat your pet to a comfortable stay while you're away. 

We're Pet People

We know it can be stressful for pets to be away from their owners for any period. Let us show your pet a comfortable and compassionate alternative. When you're away, we know you want your pet to be safe, happy, and comfortable. That's why we offer roomy units for cats and spacious indoor/outdoor runs for dogs. Our staff members are here to give your pet the attention he or she needs. 

Our Facilities are Clean

We take pet care and pet hygiene seriously. That's why we insure all of our pet boarding areas are clean. We wouldn't want to stay in a dirty environment, why would we expect your pet to stay in such an environment? We require veterinary proof of vaccinations for all pets being groomed or boarded with us. We require DHPP (distemper/parvo booster), rabies, and bordetella vaccinations for dogs and FVRCP, rabies, and feline leukemia vaccinations for cats.

We Have Exercise Yards

We have large, fenced exercise yards (three of them!) for our dog guests. You can request fifteen minute exercise sessions with one of our staff members up to three times a day at any schedule requested. We offer a 15 minute play and cuddle session for cats. 

Our owners live on the premises, so that no matter what's going on, our kennels are supervised 24/7.  


Dog Grooming, Boarding and Much More in Batavia

When you need help with dog grooming services in Batavia, put your trust in the experts at Marjon Kennels. We're here to help you with all of your pet grooming and boarding needs. We have an outstanding reputation and record for quality service, and we love animals of all kinds. Let our trained staff wash your pet, trim your pet's fur, and style it for the health of his or her coat.

Grooming Services

We provide full grooming services for dogs. We'll wash, dry , de-matt  its fur, massage them, and more. Our dedicated staff is happy to take care of your dog like he or she was ours. We're here to positively impact your dog's health.

Boarding Services

We offer kenneling services for cats and dogs. We have large kennels with plenty of room for your pet to roam around in. We also have fenced exercise yards for dogs and scheduled play/cuddle sessions for cats. We provide blankets to keep pets comfortable, or you can send your small, easily washed bedding from home and a few of your pet's favorite toys. We have a veterinarian on call for any pet emergencies. 

Training Classes

We offer training classes provided by Vicki Lanter. If your dog could benefit from some obedience training, we can help. We offer both level one and level two classes. 

Batavia's Dog Grooming Experts

At Marjon Kennels, we know just what we need to do in order to ensure that we get your dog grooming needs met. We offer full service pet grooming packages so that you can go home with a clean and well-groomed dog. Whether you're looking for de-matting services or a wash and dry, we can help with all your needs.
Pet Grooming

We Love Pets

Our owners have been helping pets for years. They love animals and they enjoy caring for them. Whether you're taking advantage of our pet grooming services, our pet boarding services, or our dog training program, you can be assured that your pet will be well taken care of while in our presence. 

Expert Care

We know what your pet means to you. When your cat or dog is with us, we treat that pet like family. We have over 75 years of combined experience that we bring to our dealings with pets. From dog grooming to ensuring your fur baby is safe, comfortable, and happy while staying with us, we take care of it all. 

Always Friendly

When you leave your pet with us, don't be afraid to call and check in! We'll be happy to give you a full report. We know how difficult it is for you to be away from your furry friend (and how hard it is for them to be away from you). Feel free to ask us anything, we'll be happy to answer, whether we have your pet as our guest for a few days or several weeks.